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The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 263 is out. All the news you need in one place! The Ubuntu News Team works hard each week to get this out to everyone, and it’s the most informative news source for everything Ubuntu.

System76 Launches New Video Ad “All I Need”

With our new laptops featuring Ivy Bridge Technology, System76 is proud to release a second video ad emphasizing the power and possibilities attainable with “a better PC.” You can view the video on our homepage www.system76.com as well. We’d love to hear what you think.

System76 Chick Career Days Session (wrap-up)

Presenting for Career Days with the Ubuntu Women was a blast. It was my first time in an Ubuntu-Classroom chat and I was posting huge chunks causing a scrolling nightmare. It was pretty funny… I’m still learning! Cheri Francis, the Ubuntu woman who coordinates the Career Days sessions, sent me a private IM and was like “SMALLER CHUNKS.” I thought it was great. Out of all the groups, Ubuntu Women is really up to some awesome promotion work and I can see a huge impact building the spread of Ubuntu. All the groups together can reach every type of person, and Ubuntu Women is a great example of how the impact of a strong community can influence an idea and a mission. Once again, I’m nothing less than excited to be a part of the Ubuntu community and can’t wait to see the other ways I can get involved. The link below has the summary and wrap up of the session. Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of such an outstanding project!

Ubuntu Women Blog Post about Emma’s presentation

Discover Ubuntu Commercial

This commercial to discover Ubuntu is a great resource to share with anyone who is interested in a different operating system. I’m finding a lot of people I know who are frustrated with updates and viruses on their current system, so I went on a search to find a great resource to promote Ubuntu in a simplified manner to appeal to their needs. I thought this video summed up the benefits for mainstream users quite nicely.

Details of the video from the creator:

Link to the video

An advertisement for Ubuntu, based on the “Features”, “About Ubuntu” and “Why Ubuntu” pages on their website.

Special thanks to
Robert D. Brooks, for the amazing time-lapse shots
Dj Fab, for the background music track “Discovery” from his album, “Until the End” – Creative Commons
Joshua, for the “Stream music with Ubuntu One” Video
The UbuntuAds channel for the “Installation Demo” and the “Ubuntu One Demo”

Ubuntu-Classroom Career Days Presentation Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I’ll be presenting in Ubuntu Classroom in IRC for the Ubuntu-Women Project Career Days. I will be talking about my role at System76 and how I transitioned into the open-source software world and how I discovered Ubuntu. Please attend if possible in IRC Chat #ubuntu-classroom at 1600 UTC on Wednesday April 18th Hope to see you there!

Details on the Ubuntu Women Blog


Proud Supporters of the Linux Action Show

If you don’t know already, my favorite thing about working at System76 is the amount of happy customers I interact with and observe. We’ve been supporting The Linux Action Show for a while now, and will continue to do so because they are hilarious and continue to offer support for our brand and our mission. Matt Hartley passed along some happy customers to me this weekend and I thought I’d share their remarks.

Jeff wrote:

I am a regular viewer of LAS and TechSnap. I really liked the episode where you and Brian reviewed the System76 machine. I am looking to set up a home file / media server when I move to my new place. I have been chatting to the reps at System76 and I think the Eland will suit my needs best.

I want to thank you for introducing me to System76 and playing a part in helping me make the switch from Apple/Microsoft to GNU/Linux [well… I still have an xbox (^_^)].

Josh dropped us a note and initiated some kudos on Reddit. He ordered a laptop as a result of our sponsorship with LAS.

I just wanted to let you know that I ordered a $998 Lemur Ultra for a client yesterday after seeing your systems on The Linux Action Show.

Thanks guys for the advice, I will get on it right away. $1,000 was not the limit, it actually started at around $600, but he and I were like a kid in a candy store. Ended up with the Lemur Ultra with i7, 8GB ram, and a 750GB HDD with an 8GB SSD. May get the extra 6 cell battery after we see how long the standard battery lasts. I can’t wait for it to come in and I am so, so, so happy that I don’t have to mess with his MacBook anymore! Thanks again.

Check out the whole conversation on Reddit!
The most recent episode of The Linux Action Show features a System76 how-to segment. Connect with Chris Fisher, Bryan Lunduke and Matt Hartley on Google+!
System76 How-To Segment on LAS begins 50 minutes into the show :)

Free Shipping Ends Tomorrow!

System76 has been offering free ground shipping in the US for a few weeks now. It has been a pretty sweet deal for our happy customers! I encourage you to place your order today or tomorrow so you can take advantage of our sweet deal!


Join System76 @ Colorado Loco Ubuntu Release Party

Join System76 and the Colorado Ubuntu Loco group to celebrate the Precise release on April 29th at 6 p.m.! Bring a friend! It will be a great geekfest!

Venue: Rock Bottom Brewery

More Details and Event Contact:


System76 News: Next Generation Laptops Gain Momentum

We are seeing more press with our latest release of laptops. There are more coming near the end of April, so stay tuned! The products continue to get better :) Here’s the article from ARNnet.

Happy Customers, New Laptops

With the new release of our next generation of laptops, I’ve been processing orders like crazy. Monday was by far the most orders I’ve ever gone through since I’ve worked here and it was an exciting experience. Among all the new customers, I came across one customer, Drew, who took the time to share his excitement about the previous generation of our Lemur Ultra. He recently purchased his machine and has been hard at work developing applications. I love when customers share their projects with me, more specifically the excitement they share for how fast they can create stuff. It really is a major difference when using Ubuntu opposed to any other operating system.